Hydraulic Submersible Pumps

Our line of hydraulic submersible pumps has the advantages of extreme power to weight and power to size ratios. This makes them easier to position on job sites and allows them entry thru small hatches and covers.

  • The total absence of electricity makes the pumps safe to use in pumping flammable fluids and in explosive atmospheres.
  • The total absence of electricity makes the pump safe to stand next to, even in flooded ditches.
  • The ability to run dry prevents damage from operator errors and reduces down-time.
  • The cooling and lubricating action of the hydraulic fluid allows the pump to operate in high temperature environments and reduces wear and maintenance.

Available in sizes from the easy to hand carry two-inch size to the powerful six-inch unit with built in grinder, there is a GEG hydraulic submersible for your every need.


Hydraulic Tools

Our quality hydraulic tools have the advantages of extreme power to weight and power to size ratios. This makes them easier to store, easy to carry onto the job sites and much easier for a man to use.

  • The total absence of electricity makes the tools safe to use in wet or flooded work sites, even underwater.
  • The complete line allows you to saw, drill, cut, grind, brush or break concrete with an easy to use, lightweight but powerful tool.

Small gasoline powered tools discharge exhaust directly into the environment near the operator and pneumatic tools are both noisy and expel small droplets of lubricating oil into the surrounding atmosphere. Hydraulic tools are quiet and safe

Electrical Submersible Pumps

The SMP series submersible sewage pump is used for sewage and waste water pumping in municipal and industrial facilities and large building such as hotels and hospitals. The SMP can pump clear liquids, liquids with long stringy fibers, or solids up to half the diameter of the discharge line. Available in 2 inch, 4inch and 6-inch discharge sizes with flows of 100 GPM to 13,000 GPM.

Available with electric or hydraulic motors for dependable service.

Self-Priming Pumps

Combining German engineering with cost effective production, the SPL self-priming pump line is excellent for:

  • Draining of Sanitary Sewage Water
  • Draining of Industrial Waste Water
  • Pumping of Petroleum liquids
  • Feeding or Drainage of Fish Farms
  • Agricultural Drainage
  • Flood Control
  • Fire Fighting

Available as bare pumps or complete assemblies on base plates or trailers, with gasoline, diesel or electric drivers.

UL Fire Pumps

German designed ALLWEILER-FARID UL listed Fire Pumps.

  • Designed to NFPA20
  • UL Listed EX15254
  • Available with electric motor
  • Available with diesel engine
  • Complies with UL 448

Available as either axial inlet or double suction, split casing design.

Hydraulic Power Packs

Coastal offers power packs from small portable gasoline powered units to large custom designed skid or trailer mounted diesel-powered units. The following three units are in stock for immediate delivery or contact us for a custom unit from 30 to 125 HP to fit your exact needs.